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The latest reports from intergovernmental panels on biodiversity and ecosystem services (IPBES) and climate change (IPCC) show the dramatic loss of biodiversity and the need to develop mechanisms to protect it due to its importance, as they provide Ecosystem services such as provision of food, regulation of climate, air quality and water, and ensuring the persistence of healthy ecosystems. The constant loss of biological diversity is an economic, environmental and social problem that can compromise the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development (ODS), and consequently affect human well-being and increase poverty.

The Biodiversity Research Institute of the University of Barcelona is the most important center in Catalonia in the generation of scientific knowledge on the structure and functioning of terrestrial and marine ecosystems and its research is directly or indirectly related to aspects of the Well-being such as health, climate change, food security and the availability of clean water.

The sixth IRBio Conference  aims to reflect on the ecological crisis and the loss of biodiversity in the hands of prestigious academics and young researchers from the Institute.

During the round table, the speakers will present their opinion and the attendees will be invited to discuss the challenges facing society in the face of global change.

Poster section:
Poster exhibition prepared by the different IRBio research groups in the hall of the Margalef building of the Faculty of Biology.

Free registration is required to facilitate the organization of lunch and indicate if a poster will be taken.
It is necessary to indicate before November 30 if you will attend lunch and if it will be a poster.

The registration can be done through the email: irbio@ub.edu or by phone: 934035247

Date: December 10, 2019
Time: 9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Aula Magna, Faculty of Biology. UB

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