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IRBio Activities
23.03.2017  + info
"Migration and population connectivity in northern seabirds" .
"Migration and population connectivity in northern seabirds"

Rob van Bemmelen, Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

Place: Aula 9,

Day: 23th of march 2017

Time: 15-17h

Organize insde the subject Structure and Connectivity  (Master  of Oceanography).
Faculty of Biology at UB
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06.03.2017  + info
“Life history, behaviour and response of animals to environmental changes”.
08.02.2017 Dr. Dani Sol
Wensday, February 15 at 16h
Aula de Graus, Faculty of Biology
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02.02.2017 We want to publicize the problems generated by the exploitation of mineral resources and the possible alternatives for management and restoration of these areas, from our experience over 25 years in the field.
February weekends
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02.02.2017  + info
02.02.2017  + info
Videoconference with Gabriel de Castilla base in Antarctica.
01.02.2017 Videoconference at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona on Wednesday, February 1, at 13 h. + info
DNA Phylogenies and Genealogies: Reconstruction and Applications (15th Edition).
11.01.2017 Postgraduate theoretical and practical intensive course (2 weeks):

Impartición: From 4 to 14 July 2017

Organization: IRBio (Biodiversity Research Institute) and Universitat de Barcelona.

Directors: Julio Rozas and Marta Riutort (Faculty of Biology, Universitat de Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain)
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11.01.2017  + info
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"Migration and population connectivity in northern seabirds"

"Migration and population connectivity in northern
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