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Conxita └vila, new vice-rector for Research.
05.10.2016 Conxita Àvila, new vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer of the University of Barcelona + info
Ghost fishing net removed in the Medes Islands marine reserve .
26.09.2016 The first localization warning was made by an instructor of a diving center in Estartit (Baix Empordà). + info
Underwater forests, threatened by human activity imp.
23.09.2016 The effects of an intense storm every twenty-five years could make the marine alga populations of Cystoseira zosteroides disappear –an endemic species of the Mediterranean with great ecological value for the biodiversity of marine benthos + info
Alternative methods to understand the water regime of the temporary rivers.
22.09.2016 When there are no data air photographs of water environment are the effective methods to collect information on the water regime of temporary rivers + info
Studying marine crab genetic diversity in the Atlantic and Mediterranean ocean barriers.
22.09.2016 Genetic biodiversity of the Liocarcinus depurator crab –known as false swimcrab or soup crab- varies over the years and responding to the Atlantic water entering in the Mediterranean + info
International conference of research experts on albatrosses and petrels at the University of Barcelo.
20.09.2016 6º International conference of research experts on albatrosses and petrels at the University of Barcelona + info
Reservial Project.
14.09.2016 Reservial is a pioneer project in the European framework that will contribute to share the current map of river reserves around the country with the involved people’s and social agents’ consensus. + info
A comic explaining a scientific project to study fossil resin in Madagascar.
13.09.2016 Vongy, named after Vongaory, which is the word for “beetle” in Malagasy Language, is the name of the character of a comic that will help telling students in Madagascar about the value of research to preserve the biodiversity and environment of the Great Red Island of the Indian Ocean. + info
06.09.2016  + info
Blanca Figuerola wins the SCAR Fellowship.
30.08.2016 The study consist in unerstand the vulnerability of Antarctic bryozoan communities to environmental change (AbcChange) + info
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+ info10.05.2019.
Pint of Science Festival: Are genetically-prepared animals for climate change?
Criatian Cañestro at the Festival Pint of Science 2019 del + info
+ info08.05.2019.

+ info
+ info27.02.2019.
"Phylogenomics and Population Genomics: Inference and Applications"
Now opened the preadmission phase to our + info
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