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The Conservation Biology Group at the University of Barcelona presents its guidelines for the protec.
03.03.2016 The Guidelines for the Conservation of Bonelli's Eagle Populations have been drawn up by the Conservation Biology Group associated to the Department of Animal Biology and the Biodiversity Research Institute at the University of Barcelona (IRBio). These new guidelines are one of the main results of the project "The Viability of the Population of Bonelli's Eagle in Catalonia: Guidelines for Conservation" carried out by the UB's Conservation Biology Group together with the Swiss foundation MAVA and the Regional Government of Barcelona. The main aim of this project is to establish conservation goals to ensure the population viability of Bonelli's Eagle in Catalonia. + info
The largest bat colony in Catalonia is the Natural Park of Sant Llorenš de Munt i l'Obac.
19.02.2016 Barcelona Provincial Council, the body that manages natural park, is promoting the scientific study of all the protected bats, among which are colonies of bats cave. The team from the University of Barcelona-Areambiental and IRBio is directed by Jordi Serra-Cobo. + info
Viruses threatening Europe.
18.02.2016 Ebola and Zika have shown that epidemics of emerging pathogens are not only a concern in tropical countries, and the problem may be increasing. + info
10.02.2016  + info
21.01.2016  + info
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15.01.2016  + info
Researchers at the University of Barcelona embark on a new research campaign in the Antarctica.
15.01.2016 The project sets up a new Antarctic campaign in December. Besides researchers from the University of Barcelona, experts at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH), the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and Harvard University participate in the campaign too. + info
07.01.2016  + info
New edition of the book by Dr. Font Quer published by the UB.
Pius Font i Quer
Revised and updated third edition, edited by Joan  Valles and Josep Vigo
Illustrations Eugeni Sierra
Collection: Botany UB
ISBN: 978-84-475-4204-4
Format: 13 x 20 cm
334 pp .; Price: € 20.00
Subject: Botany; Biology
Barcelona, November 2015
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+ info10.05.2019.
Pint of Science Festival: Are genetically-prepared animals for climate change?
Criatian Cañestro at the Festival Pint of Science 2019 del + info
+ info08.05.2019.

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+ info27.02.2019.
"Phylogenomics and Population Genomics: Inference and Applications"
Now opened the preadmission phase to our + info
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