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23.07.2014  + info
Video: Interview to Josep Vigo.
15.07.2014  + info
A scientific study detects the presence of tropical exotic planarians in the Iberian Peninsula.
09.07.2014 A study published in the journal PeerJ alerts that there are at least ten introduced exotic land planarian species from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America in the Iberian Peninsula. The article is signed by experts Marta Riutort, Marta Álvarez Presas and Àngels Tudó, from the Department of Genetics and the Biodiversity Research Institute (IRBio) of the University of Barcelona (UB), Eduardo Mateos, from the Department of Animal Biology of UB, and Hugh Jones, from the Natural History Museum of the United Kingdom.


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Euro EVO DEVO Vienna 2014 Meeting.
09.07.2014 5th meeting of the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology (EED) that will be held from July 22-25, 2014 in Vienna.

This conference will bring together scientists and students from all over the world aiming to present and discuss forefront research and future perspectives in EvoDevo.

Some IRBio members as Cristian Cañedo are guest on the meeting.

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"Strategy Catalan Conservation Flora" (ECCF).
08.07.2014 Thursday 12 June has been delivered to the Directorate General Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment (DAAM) of the Government of Catalonia document "Strategy Catalan Conservation Flora" (ECCF), the result of collaborative work of about 70 participants, coordinated by Caesar Blanche Department of Natural Products, plant Biology and Soil Science of the University of Barcelona and the Institute of Biodiversity Research (IRBio). Along with them, the writer and promoter group includes other botanists (the universities of Barcelona, ​​the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Lleida) DAAM own, the National Parks Service of the Province of Barcelona and professionals not affiliated no administration. + info
07.07.2014  + info
Seabirds threatened by plastic marine, educational program 'Environment', TV3.
12.06.2014 Plastic pollution is a threat-known, but little research on ocean ecosystems worldwide. Nearly 94% of the Catalan coast Shearwater Shearwaters have ingested plastic parts, according to a study published in the Marine Pollution Bulletin by a team led by Professor Jacob González-Solís, Department of Animal Biology and the Institute for Research Biodiversity UB (IRBio).
Picture: Jacob González-Solís
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New insights into the origin of biodiversity in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.
06.06.2014 The study is focused on a geographic region of the Atlantic Forest which is severely damaged by human activities. Some areas of the region have been protected and some biological corridors have been designed to restore ecosystem functionality.
The study, published on the cover of the journal Heredity, is signed by Marta Riutort, Julio Rozas, Marta Álvarez Presas and Alejandro Sánchez-Gracia, from the Biodiversity Research Institute of UB (IRBio), together with Fernando Carbayo, from the University of São Paulo (Brazil).
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06.06.2014  + info
IRBio participates in the European project LIFE+ LimnoPirineus .
03.06.2014 The main objective of LIFE+LimnoPirineus is to restore and preserve aquatic ecosystems in the Pyrenees.
Picture: A.Miró
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+ info10.05.2019.
Pint of Science Festival: Are genetically-prepared animals for climate change?
Criatian Cañestro at the Festival Pint of Science 2019 del + info
+ info08.05.2019.

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+ info27.02.2019.
"Phylogenomics and Population Genomics: Inference and Applications"
Now opened the preadmission phase to our + info
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