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03.06.2014  + info
Spatial patterns and bryozoan biodiversity from subantarctic Falkland and South Georgia Islands- Sha.
28.05.2014 Picture of:Blanca Figuerola-Drake Passage (2012) + info
Research group describes a new lineage of ‘Loxosceles’ spiders in the Canary Islands.
12.05.2014 A group of experts from IRBio-UB has described a new endemic lineage of spider genus Loxosceles. + info
Plastic pollution: another threat for seabirds.
12.05.2014 ccording to a study published on Marine Pollution Bulletin plastic ingestions affects around 94% of Cory's shearwaters on the Catalan coast. Jacob González Solís, from the Department of Animal Biology and the Biodiversity Research Institute (IRBio) of the University of Barcelona (UB), heads the research group that carried out the study. In the case of Yelkouan shearwaters and Balearic shearwaters, conclusions state that 70% of studied birds were affected by plastic ingestion.
Picture: Jacob González-Solís
 + info
Interview with Dr.Alex Aguilar.
12.05.2014 Interview with Dr. Alex Aguilar at RTVE La 2 + info
Commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Dr. Piu Font i Quer.
29.04.2014 Pius Font i Quer (Lleida, 9 April 1888 - Barcelona, ​​January 2, 1964)
Internationally renowned botanist. Promoter and first director of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona and founder of the Botanical Garden in Montjuïc.
 + info
Bonelli’s Eagle: a thirty-year study of European populations.
25.04.2014 The scientific work led by Joan Real and Antonio Hernandez Matías,of the Conservation Biology Group, linked to the Department of Animal Biology and Biodiversity Research Institute UB (IRBio), analyzes the major demographic indicators Bonelli's eagle populations in Western Europe from 1990 to 2009, warns that in the north of the Iberian Peninsula population centers are the most at risk of disappearing. + info
Tribute to Margalef.
24.04.2014 On 23 May 2004 passed away Margalef, teacher of teachers and a generation of ecologists, not only in Catalonia but throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. It was undoubtedly the most renowned ecologist Catalan worldwide + info
International EarthDay, 22 april.
23.04.2014 Recognizing that Mother Earth reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit, the General Assembly declared 22 April as International Mother Earth Day (A/RES/63/278). + info
"Tenth European Seminar on Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation".
22.04.2014 "Tenth European Seminar on Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation" to be held from 1 to 5 September 2014, at the headquarters of Valencia International University Menéndez Pelayo. + info
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+ info10.05.2019.
Pint of Science Festival: Are genetically-prepared animals for climate change?
Criatian Cañestro at the Festival Pint of Science 2019 del + info
+ info08.05.2019.

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+ info27.02.2019.
"Phylogenomics and Population Genomics: Inference and Applications"
Now opened the preadmission phase to our + info
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