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Numbers of the Institute 2014-2017
The Biodiversity Research Institute (IRBio) aims to become the country’s centre of reference for the study and management of biodiversity. The main activities are the assessment and cataloguing of living forms, the better understanding of the ecosystem processes and the origin, evolution and function of species and their classification, as well as the proper management and conservation of wildlife. The Institute also provides scientific advice on management to public administrations, private entities and environmental organizations and develop technical studies related to biodiversity.

The Institute is composed of more than 70 specialists in different research areas, from microbes to vascular plants and mammals, including man. Their work is carried out on all main terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. The research perspectives are equally broad, from genomes to ecosystems and use morphological, molecular, biogeographical, quantitative and bioinformatics approaches.
The Mediterranean region, which supports an exceptional biological richness subject to strong human pressure, is one of the main focuses of attention. Other important regions are Central and South America, which host some of the most biodiverse places on earth and where IRBio researchers have a long tradition of carrying out studies and academic work. Furthermore, a number of projects also focus on other geographic regions, including Northern Africa, Southwest Asia and Antarctica.

Numbers of the Institute 2014-2017

Our team

Executive commission
The management and executive committee of the Institute maintains its composition.

Director: Dr. Francesc Xavier Sans Serra
Secretary: Dr. Lluís Cardona
Dr. Cristian Cañestro
Dr. Xavier Delclòs
Dr. Xavier Ferrer
Dr. Josep Ninot
Dra. Marta Pascual
Dr. Joan Vallès
Research manager: Elisenda Pastó

Other commissions:
Strategic Plan Commission:
Dr. Miquel Arnedo Lombarte
Dr. Xavier Delclos Martinez
Dr. Jacob González-Soli Bou
Dra. Cristina Linares Prats
Dra. Marta Pascual Berniola
Dr. Julio Antonio Rozas Liras
Dr. F. Xavier Sans Serra
Dr. Jordi Serra Cobo
Elisenda Pastó

Commission Social Networks:
Dra. Cristina Linares Prats
Dr. Alberto Maceda
Dr. Cristian Cañestro
Elisenda Pastó

Collaborations in Citizen Science:
Dra. Marta Goula
Dr. Antonio Gómez See more