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Villegas-Martín, J.; Rojas-Consuegra, R.; Verde, M.; Belaústegui, Z.; Ritter, M.; Scalise Horodyski, R. Bioerosion on rudist shells from the Upper Cretaceous of Cuba: Paleobiological, paleoecological and taphonomic implications
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Adalid, R.; Torres, J.; Fuentes, M.V.; Miquel, J. First spermatological data on the digenean genus Ityogonimus derived from the description of sperm characters of Ityogonimus ocreatus (Brachylaimidae: Ityogoniminae)
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ARAUJO, A.K.; POLA, M.; MALAQUIAS, M.A.E.; BALLESTEROS, M.; VITALE, F. <;CERVERA, J.A. Molecular phylogeny of European Runcinida (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia): the discovery of an unexpected species complex, with special reference to the case of Runcina coronata (Quatrefages, 1844).
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Ayhan, N.; López-Roig, M.; Monastiri, A.; Charrel, R.N.; Serra-Cobo, J. Seroprevalence of toscana Virus and sandfly fever sicilian virus in European bat colonies measured using a neutralization test
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Aznar-Alemany, Oscar; Sala, Berta; Jobst, Karl J.; Reiner, Eric J.; Borrell, Asuncion; Aguilar, Alex; Eljarrat, Ethel Temporal trends of halogenated and organophosphate contaminants in striped dolphins from the Mediterranean Sea
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Article: vol: 134 num: 104798 Pag: 1-8 Marine Policy. http://hdl.handle.net/2445/184359. (2021)
BAETA, M.; SOLIS, M. A;, RAMÓN, M.; BALLESTEROS, M Effects of fishing closure and mechanized clam dredging on a Callista chione bed in the western Mediterranean Sea
Article: vol: 48 num: 102063 Pag: 1-11 Regional Studies in Marine Science. . (2021)
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