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Call for postdoctoral candidates in MSCA Individual Fellowship: EvoDevo-Genomics, -transcriptomics and epigenomics of marine embryos in the context of global climate change

Research Group and project information
Our group focusses on the study of the appendicularian Oikopleura dioica, a tiny marine planktonic tunicate, that because of its genetic and morphological simplicity it’s an attractive model to understand the evolutionary impact of gene loss. Specifically, we have two main research lines:
- the origin and evolution of our own phylum, the chordates, with special emphasis in heart development (for more info read: Ferrández-Roldán et al., Nature, 2021, PMID: 34789899; https://go.nature.com/3E83Lw8 ).
- the evolution of the defensome and how marine embryos are ready for global climate change? https://go.nature.com/3jnY2c3

The approaches of our lab combine embryo development, genetic manipulations (CRISPR and RNAi knockdown), genomics (including HiC), trancriptomics (RNAseq and ATAC-seq) and epigenomics (sRNAs)

Web and Publications: https://evodevocat.weebly.com/cristian-cantildeestro.html


- Bioinformatic background for genomics and transcriptomics

- solid publication record according to MSCA IF call standards

Support for applicants

The International Research Projects Office at the University of Barcelona offers support to applicants (eligibility check, info sessions, feedback on the draft proposal) and has recently launched a Mentoring programme specifically designed for MSCA applicants (subject to availability)

The project manager from IRBio offers support the applicant during the writing proposal with the supervisor and the International Research Project Office.

Contact: canedo@ub.edu

More info: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/774437