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Colaboration in HhWanted citizen science project

Photo: Adria Miralles

The brownish brown bernat (Halyomorpha halys) is a native hemipter insect on the Asian continent that has become a new threat to the conservation of biodiversity in the various countries where it has arrived. This exotic and invading sprig is capable of affecting about 70 plant species - fruit trees, ornamental, horticultural and extensive crops, etc - and cause economic losses related to agricultural products such as apples, peaches, peppers, tomatoes, corn soy

In addition to the effects on agricultural productivity, this insect also has a direct impact on urban habitats, as in winter it seeks refuge in homes and buildings and can cause discomfort (unpleasant odors, etc.).

Providing observations of this exotic species - which could be confused with other native insects - is the objective of the campaign open to citizen collaboration through the Natusfera platform, an initiative promoted by the University of Barcelona, ​​the Institute of Agro-food Research and Technology (IRTA) and the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The new citizen science proposal accessible through the Natusfera portal "is a tool that will help us to identify the presence of the species and to know its biology better, and will help to facilitate control measures to avoid the dispersion of this exotic ridge in all the environments in which it is developed in our territory ", explains Marta Goula, professor of the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Biology, member of the Institute for Research in Biodiversity (IRBio) and one of the drivers of the initiative.

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