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"Migration and population connectivity in northern seabirds"

Personal acadèmic
 "Migration and population connectivity in northern seabirds"
Migratory connectivity describes the degree to which individuals or populations of seasonal, long-distance migrants are geographically arranged during two or more periods of the annual cycle. The first part of this presentation will be an introduction to the concept and some theory regarding the consequences of migratory connectivity in terms of genetics and population dynamics, extended with examples drawn mainly from seabird literature. During the second part, I will show some results of my current PhD work, focusing on migratory connectivity and seasonal interactions of three Arctic breeding, long-distance seabirds.

By Rob van Bemmelen, Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

Lloc: Aula 9

Dia: Dijous 23 de març de 2017

Hora: 15-17h

Organitzada dins l'assignatura d'Estructuració i Connectivitat (del Màster d'Oceanografia).
Facultat de Biologia. UB