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Technical Conference: Brown marbled bernat in Catalonia

Research staff

Halyomorpha halys (Stål) is a hemipterous insect native to the Asian continent. It is very polyphagous and causes economic damages in many crops and also lives on many species of trees and ornamental shrubs planted in urban green spaces. It has the particularity of entering the buildings to spend the winter, so it can To be in the houses in large quantities causing discomfort to the neighbors. It is very important to know both its morphology and its biology so as not to confuse it with native stink bug and to know how to control its populations in all the environments in which it is developed.

Place: Tallada de l'Empordà

Day: November 19

Time: 9h-14h.

With the participation of Dr. Marta Goula, IRBio-UB.