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UB _IRBio 2020-2021 Master's Scholarship: Genomics and Bioinformatics

we are looking for a candidate to participate in a Genomics and Bioinformatics project to assemble and annotate the genome of Oikopleura dioica, a species of zooplankton marine chord of ecological interest in the study of climate change and the impact of losses genes in the EvoDevo field.

The project will be co-directed by Cristian Cañestro of the EvoDevoGenòmica Group and by Alejandro Sánchez-Gracia of the GenMolEvo group of the Genetics Section, and may be developed within some of the Master's programs in which IRBio participates.
• Bioinformatics and Statistics
• Genetics and Genomics
• Biodiversity

for further information:

Economic endowment: 370 EUR / month (with option to bonus +1000 EUR).
Rules and requirements: https://bit.ly/2zBddLJ (IRBio: page 57 of the rules)

Submission deadline: 21/05/2020 to 22/06/2020

CONTACT: send by email to canestro@ub.edu a pdf file with a brief CV (including academic transcript and average grade) and 5 lines of motivation.