An article co-written by Pablo Rivera Vargas, member of the IRE, among the 10 most relevant articles on digital education in 2020

The article A Critical Look at Educational Technology from a Distance Education Perspective, by Terry Anderson and our colleague, Pablo Rivera Vargas, has been selected by the National Institute for Digital Learning as one of the 10 most relevant articles in the field of digital learning and open access journals of 2020, coming in the fifth position.


On the National Institute for Digital Learning website we can read:

the article recognises that digitalization in the context of online distance education has its own unique challenges. More specifically, the article is framed around two useful questions: (i) What aspects have not been completely satisfactory in the transit and transformation that education has undergone? And (ii) What are the future challenges that distance education must deal with to support sustainability of this teaching model?


The selection of the article obeys the pertinent examination of articles and publications that the authors have carried out, delimiting those elements and critical dimensions that are linked to the use of digital technologies in distance education. According to the team that has selected the article as one of the top readings of 2020: the article provides a useful synthesis of the literature for policy-makers, educational leaders, researchers, and practitioners who are relatively new to the field of distance education.


Another aspect that should be highlighted is that the reading is in our faculty’s journal, Digital Education Review, the only article of the ten selected that does not belong to large publishers and is 100% open. As they report from the same website: “good reads” can be found outside of the mainstream or better known open access publications.


Our congratulations to the authors!



Anderson, T., & Rivera-Vargas, P. (2020). A critical look at educational technology from a distance education perspective. Digital Education Review, 37, 208-229.