Conference “Experience and Knowledge. Practical Guide for Apprentices in Humanities and Education” by Dr. Ramírez

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– Date: 18/12/19

– Time: 12h to 14:00

– Place: Sala de Grados, Faculty of psychology, Ponent building, Vagon 1, 1st floor. Universitat de Barcelona.



The personal experiences, so relevant in the beginnings of the progressive education as the New School or the Free Institution of Teaching, return to be recovered for the present education with the development of the digital culture and the semiotic and multimodal possibilities that this one offers.

The new technological reality invites autonomy in learning and the development of new forms of literacy. The idiosyncratic experiences, reflected and elaborated through tools that combine the use of images, texts, music, etc. (Ramírez, Hernández-León, Figueroa-Sandoval and Aillon-Newman, 2018), in interrelation with the knowledge acquired inside and outside the classroom, constitute a new educational matrix in accordance with the demands and challenges of these times of change. Such experiences become transformative experiences of the identity of apprentices (Coll, 2009, 2014; Valdés, Coll and Falsafi, 2016), often accompanied by aesthetic emotions (Dewey, 193x; Shusterman, 2000, 2011), which favour multiple areas of Education throughout the life cycle.