Contributions of the TKCOM Seminar: Facing the challenges of European projects with Asia. Shared learning. (2)

We continue sharing the insights of this exceptional seminar, thanks to the information received from the @teacherskeycom account.


On this occasion we inform you about the 12 tips displayed by Montse Cervera to present European projects with Asia.


  1. Review what the composition of the consortium should be.
  2. Be clear about the priorities per region.
  3. Think about the added value of the project, based on previous studies and the European agenda.
  4. Identify the beneficiaries of the action.
  5. Have very clear and defined objectives.
  6. Present a consortium which is consistent with the objectives set.
  7. Plan the development of the activities (timing, methodologies…
  8. Make explicit the sustainability of the project beyond the project.
  9. Have the support of the institutions.
  10. Create communication channels and management structure.
  11. Make a general description of the equipment that will be requested.
  12. An ambitious dissemination plan.


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