Doctoral program Education and Society pre-registration period open

If you wish to apply for access and admission to the doctoral program, you must first pre-register. The second period will remain open from September 2 to 20; the resolution date will be October 10.


What are the access requirements?

Those that are made explicit in the article 20 of the Regulatory Regulations of the UB Doctorate. As a synthesis, you have to be in possession of an official Spanish degree or equivalent, a university master’s degree and have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits in the set of degree and master’s studies.


Objectives of the doctoral program:

  • Promote the ability to conceive, design and implement research processes that allow scientific, technological and social advancement in fields such as didactics, educational organization and evaluation, teacher training, citizenship and values, psycho-pedagogical orientation and intervention, teaching and learning in the digital society, and socio-educational intervention and social work.
  • Promote the ability to contribute to the expansion of available knowledge in any of these areas through original research.


Lines of investigation:

  • Socio-educational action
  • Citizenship and values
  • Teaching, organization and educational evaluation
  • Teacher training and higher education
  • Psycho- pedagogical orientation and intervention
  • Pedagogical thinking and education theory
  • Digital society and education: media and technologies
  • Social work, social services and social policy


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