International Conference on Research in Higher Education Teaching

On November 26, in Room 240 of the Llevant Building, Campus Mundet, the International Conference on Disciplinary Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge and Situated Learning: Genesis and Mutual Influences in University Education: Ten years of research will take place. The conference is organised by the group Formación Docente e Innovación Pedagógica (FODIP).

The conference is aimed at members of the academic community who are interested in teaching research in higher education.

The aims are:

– To show the processes of reflection and comprehension “in” and “on” teaching (pedagogical reasoning) that allow the university teaching staff to adapt and transform the available disciplinary knowledge into didactic representations and pedagogical strategies that make the teaching content comprehensible to the students.

– Describe, in real time, the dynamics of the coordination processes between the teacher’s disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge and between these and the student’s learning.

– Describe how the teacher perceives the student’s contributions: how they interpret, evaluate and discriminate in them what they consider relevant.

– Explain how the teacher identifies recognition markers that are used to decipher the meaning of the student’s discourse and to adjust and influence it.

– Show how the teacher organizes and elaborates the response they will give (how they decide what to answer).

– To show the differential repercussions that the different types of response of the teacher have in the learning of the students.




See the programme here.