It is necessary to increase resources in research

Supporting the research dimension should be one of the main objectives of the university, according to the survey carried out by the specialized market research agency IPSOS to know the opinion of the university community about digitalization, research, and contribution to society at the University.

In the survey, which has been developed in the framework of the preparations for the IV International Meeting of Rectors Universia (Salamanca, May 21 and 22), more than 9,000 university students from 19 countries have participated, and among their conclusions highlights the opinion of more of half of the university community (56%), which considers it necessary to improve both facilities and resources for research within the University, while 35% judge the lack of funds and funding as the main barrier to boost the research work.

For those interviewed, one of the most important objectives of the 21st century university should be the promotion of research, development and innovation tasks. An objective that according to 46% of the respondents is not satisfactorily covered.