Marina Garcés at the IRED’19 Conference

We are pleased to announce that Marina Garcés will participate in the 1st International Conference on Education Research “Education 2019: challenges, trends and commitments” IRED’19.


The conference will take place on November 4 and 5, 2019. If you want to learn about the challenges, trends and commitments for the future of education, you cannot miss!


Marina Garcés

Associate Professor of Arts and Humanities Studies at the Open University of Catalonia. Her work focuses on the field of politics and critical thinking, and the need to articulate a philosophical voice capable of challenging and engaging.

She is the author of the books Un mundo común (2013), Filosofía inacabada (2015), Fora de classe. Textos de filosofia de guerrilla (2016), El compromís (2013), Humanitats en transició (2017) and Nova il·lustració radical (2017).