MIDE-DIPE conference announcement: Narratives and emotion: a Vygotskiana line of research on teaching resilience

Speaker: Dr. Marc Clarà Garangou (Universitat de Lleida)
Day: 21.11.2019 
Time: 12pm to 2pm 
Place: Aula 2209 . Faculty of Psychology. Ponent Building. 2nd Floor, Classroom 2209.
Teacher unrest is a problem that has major impacts on education systems around the world. This conference presents a line of work, based on the Vygotskian cultural psychology, aimed at addressing this problem. After considering some of the impacts of teacher unrest on education systems, the conference will focus on examining some general theoretical problems that lie at the heart of the issue. First, what is the nature of the emotional experience and how it relates to the formation of meaning. Second, what is the nature of meaning that is involved in emotional experience. Third, how this meaning can be studied and analyzed. The answer to these questions allows us to articulate a general hypothesis on the semiotic mediation of emotional experience that opens a new way for tackling the problem of teacher discomfort. This path implies a reconceptualization of teacher resilience and is based on the possibility of transforming the emotional experience (and practice) of teachers through the semiotic transformation of their narratives.