New edition: ‘Enseñanza de la historia y competencias educativas’

Do not miss the revised and augmented edition of Enseñanza de la historia y competencias educativas, which discloses research results on the teaching of history and the development of educational competencies.

The volume, which has been coordinated by Cosme Gómez Carrasco (University of Múrcia), has the broad participation of members of the research group DHiGeCs (University of Barcelona), both in the authorship of several chapters and in the direction of the volume, in the one that has collaborated, along with Ramón López Facal (University of Santiago de Compostela), Pedro Miralles Martínez (DHiGeCs) and Joaquim Prats Cuevas (principal investigator of DHiGeCs).

The work analyzes the processes of construction of identities based on the identification with the territory, the patrimony and the collective imaginaries, as well as the historical competence in narratives of students and future teachers; the design and experimentation of instruments and resources for civic-political education of students; and the analysis of evaluation practices in the search for coherent alternatives that contemplate the development of historical and social competences.