New project: Dialogue and Argumentation for Cultural Literacy Learning in Schools

Mercè Garcia-Milà, member of the Institute of Research in Education, is the Principal Investigator of this European project with reference 2111 (FBG58003) and coordinated by Fiona Maine. The project is being carried out between 2018 and 2021.

The DIALLS project proposes the cultural literacy of young people throughout all levels of formal education through dialogue and argumentation. It is intended to teach students to dialogue from an early age, improve their understanding of their own cultural identity and empathize with people with different identities. Its objectives are:

  1. Develop cultural literacy through dialogue-based teaching.
  2. To guide teachers on how to develop cultural literacy.

The state team is made up of the following researchers:

University of Barcelona: Mercè García-Milà, Ana Remesal, Nuria Castells, Andrea Miralda

Rovira i Virgili University: Sandra Gilabert


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