New publication: La cultura DIY a la universitat. De la proposta del professorat a l’experiència de l’alumnat


Pablo Rivera-Vargas, Joan-Anton Sánchez-Valero, Juana-María Sancho



Based on the present challenges of university education, this paper analyzes the implementation of the DIY perspective in the teaching and learning processes of the Degree in Pedagogy of the University of Barcelona. The analysis, in addition to including the views of the teaching staff, incorporates the voices of participating students. The text is divided into four sections. First, the INTRODUCTION, which gives an account of what the DIY approach broadly represents. Second, the METHOD, which describes both the European project that provided the basis for this research and two other processes for implementing this philosophy at the University of Barcelona. Third, the RESULTS obtained during the implementation of DIYlab in a subject. Fourth, the DISCUSSION of the results and some final considerations based on the analysis of the challenges and possibilities involved in introducing the DIY culture in the University and on the potential contributions of the implementation of these projects to the improvement of teaching action.


Key words: Innovation; Creativity; Communication skills; Cooperation; DIY approach



Rivera-Vargas, P., Sánchez-Valero, J. A., & Sancho-Gil, J. M. (2019). La cultura DIY a la Universitat. De la proposta del professorat a l’experiència de l’alumnat. REIRE Revista d’Innovació i Recerca en Educació12(1), 1-13.