New publication: Miradas retro-prospectivas sobre las Tecnologías Educativas


Juana M. Sancho Gil

Universidad de Barcelona


Cristina Alonso Cano

Universidad de Barcelona


Joan-Anton Sánchez Valero

Universidad de Barcelona



In this article we share a set of reflections and actions that have oriented our academic trajectory. An intertwined itinerary that, for over three decades, has allowed us to assist, contribute and critically analyse the important changes that have taken place in the area of Education in general, and in the field of Educational Technology (ET), in particular. From this starting point, we establish a dialogue with the contributions of Juan Manuel Escudero on two themes: Educational Technology beyond tools and Educational Technologies and teacher’s professional development. The text ends with a prospective reflection on the future-present of ET linked to ambivalence, challenges and the meaning of education.


Key words: Educational change; teacher’s professional development; digital technologies; educational challenges



Sancho Gil, J. M., Alonso Cano, C., & Sánchez Valero, J.-A. (2018). Miradas retro-prospectivas sobre las Tecnologías Educativas. Educatio Siglo XXI36(2 Jul-Oct), 209-228.