On January 23rd, the “TKCOM Seminar: Facing the challenges of European projects with Asia. Shared Learning” will be held at the UB

The seminar is carried out in the framework of the project “Building up Chinese Primary Teachers’ Key Competences through a Global Competence-based Framework”, co-financed by the European Commission. This is a three-year project involving six universities, three of them European (University of Barcelona, University of Coimbra and Nottigham Trent University) and three of them Chinese (Beijing Normal University, Northwest Normal University and Southwest University).

The main aim of this project is to build capacity in higher education institutions in China so that these institutions can move towards a competition-based approach (EBC).

Here you can find the seminar programme, the registration form and the project website.

The seminar will take place in the Sala de Grados (4th floor of the Migdia Building), in the Mundet Campus of the University of Barcelona. It will also be possible to see it in streaming.