Paper: Conceptual Review of Digital Competences for Doctoral Supervision, by Guillermo Bautista & Anna Escofet Roig


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are integrated into the life of a high percentage of university students and faculty members. However, technology has not played an important role in the innovation and improvement of learning processes. This is particularly evident in the area of doctoral supervision. Educational institutions should implement policies and strategies in order for these competences to be acquired gradually by supervisors as much as by doctoral students. These policies and strategies must go beyond a mere inclusion of technology. In this new scenario, the roles and tasks that faculty members and students fulfil and develop need to change, and should be rethought in order to provide doctoral students with more possibilities than is possible with traditional methods. This chapter presents a conceptual review of the competences that both faculty members and students should acquire to improve doctoral supervision, specifically with the use of ICT. Additionally, good practices and some useful resources are discussed in order to provide examples and enhance knowledge and use of ICT in the area of doctoral work and supervision.



Bautista, G., & Escofet, A. (2019). Conceptual Review of Digital Competences for Doctoral Supervision. In Traversing the Doctorate (pp. 15-27). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.