Round table participants “Doing research in the digital, intercultural and glocal society” – # IRED19

This week we introduce the participants of the round table “Doing research in the digital, intercultural and glocal society” that will take place on November 4 within the framework of the 1st International Conference on Research in Education organized by the Research Institute in Education of the University of Barcelona.

The participants of the table will be Dr. María José Rodríguez Conde as rapporteur, and Dr. Maria Teresa Anguera, Dr. Cristina Alonso and Dr. César Coll as speakers.

Dr. María José Rodríguez Conde is Professor of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education at the University of Salamanca. Director of the University Institute of Education Sciences and coordinator of the Research Group on ‘Educational Evaluation and Orientation’. University professor of the Program Evaluation Methodology, Evaluation and Quality Management in Education, Statistical Data Analysis in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education. She teaches in Master and Doctoral Programs in Educational Research and Evaluation in several universities (University of Salamanca, University of Cádiz, University of Córdoba and the Pontifical University of Salamanca).

She has directed four national R & D projects and several regional projects. She has participated as a researcher in several interdisciplinary European projects and is the author of more than fifty research articles on education and social sciences.

Dr. Maria Teresa Anguera, PhD in Philosophy and Literature (Psychology section), Primary School teacher and Graduate in Law. She is Professor of Methodology of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Barcelona since 1986. She has a long teaching career at the UB combined with stays in foreign universities and a research career as director of doctoral thesis, author of significant publications, researcher in teaching innovation projects, and active participant in results transfer work.

She is a member of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Catalonia, a corresponding academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine. She has been Vice Chancellor of Scientific Policy (2008-2010) and of Teaching and Scientific Policy (2010-2012) of the University of Barcelona. Since November 2011, she is a member of the Steering Committee (Doctorate) of the United States.

Dr. Cristina Alonso is a Tenured Associate Professor of Educational Technology in the Department of Didactics and Educational Organization of the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona. Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Education and Society. Coordinator of the consolidated research group Subjectivities and Contemporary Educational Environments (ESBRINA 2107, SGR-1248) and member of the University Network for Educational Research and Innovation.

Dr. César Coll PhD in Psychology and Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Barcelona. He has promoted and directed research work on the pedagogical implications of genetic psychology and epistemology, counseling and psycho-pedagogical intervention and the design and development of the school curriculum. He has also done research on the analysis of the interaction processes in educational situations and the evaluation of school learning and the uses of ICT technologies in education.


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