SIRE – Intermediary Service for Access to Electronic Resources

It is likely that on more than one occasion you have been faced with the circumstance of finding an article that is very relevant to your research topic, but which is of restricted access. The Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) offers the entire University of Barcelona’s educational community a service that allows us to access the vast majority of scientific articles on the Internet, from anywhere!


This service is the SIRE, the Intermediate Service for Accessing Electronic Resources. As they explain on the web, ” The SIRE button is a bookmarklet that allows you to access e-resources automatically through SIRE (E-Resources Access Service) at any point during browsing”.


If you follow all the steps indicated on the website, a button will be installed on your usual browser through which you can access a multitude of resources, including scientific articles of the first order.


We hope that this tip will be useful to you.


Good year and better projects!