Termcat, centre de terminologia: resources of special interest to the university and research community

We share a resource of special interest for the university and research community. A thesaurus with nearly twenty thousand terms corresponding to the keywords and related concepts used in the calls for proposals of the Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts a la Recerca (AGAUR).

The concepts collected correspond to various fields of knowledge, including Psychology and Pedagogy and Didactics. The thesaurus is not exhaustive, since it has been completed on the basis of the identified needs in relation to the proposals and applications in the calls for research grants. Each file contains the terms in Catalan and, for the most part, in English, including in some cases their equivalents in Spanish, French and German, as well as definitions.

The thesaurus can be found in the “diccionaris” tab, in the “diccionaris en línia” section and in the “diccionaris multidisciplinars” category.

Another very useful product they offer is the dictionary “Nomenclatura de gestió universitària, resulting from the collaboration between the Xarxa Vives d’Universitats and the Centre de Terminologia TERMCAT, being its origin the translation into English of all the terms and notions in the regulations and institutional texts of the universities and without equivalence in English, in order to reach a consensus on the translations and to have common forms.

This dictionary is in the category “diccionaris allotjats” within the section “diccionaris en línia” in the tab “diccionaris“.