University of Barcelona researchers Maria Rodó Zárate and Nadejda Blagorodnova selected in the ERC Starting Grants 2021 call

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded 33.3 million euros in grants to 23 research projects at Spanish centres in the Starting Grant 2021 call.

This is the first Starting Grant call, a programme aimed at the creation of independent research groups whose principal investigator holds a PhD with an experience of 2-7 years since its completion. This is the first of the calls for proposals under Horizon Europe, the European Union’s R&D programme. Catalonia has been awarded 13 of the 23 projects awarded in Spain, two of which are from the University of Barcelona.

Maria Rodó Zárate, lecturer Serra Húnter of the Faculty of Education will receive a grant of 1.2 million euros to develop the project “Mapping intersectionality: a conceptual and methodological model for the study of inequalities and discrimination (INTERMAPS)” whose objective is the creation of a new theoretical and methodological model for the study of discrimination and inequalities from an intersectional feminist perspective.

Nadejda Blagorodnova, researcher, will develop the project “Common envelope transients: progenitors, precursors and properties of their outbursts (CET-3PO)”, for which she has been awarded 1.48 million euros, at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona (ICCUB). The aim is to study how massive stars merge with nearby stars. To this end, it will use observations of transient astronomical events (transients) called luminous red novae. The project will be a pioneer in combining observations and theoretical models of these transient events.



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