Virtual encounters: Teaching, a process of creation. Streaming conversations between School and University.

Within the framework of the R&D&I research project “Educational relations and creation of the curriculum: between school experience and initial teacher training. Narrative enquiries” RECREA (EDU2016-77576-P), and as dissemination activities of the latter, a series of three conversations are organised around the question of the curriculum and teaching as a process of creation.


The first conversation, “Teaching as a process of creation”, by Leonor Giménez, teacher, and Adrià Paredes, teacher trainer, will feature the participation of Marina Garcés and will take place on Monday, 9th of November at 6 pm.


The second conversation, “Creation at school and university: complicities”, by Inma Coscollá, teacher, and María Dolores Molina, teacher trainer, in collaboration with Francisco Jodar, will take place on Tuesday, 17th of November at 6 p.m.


The third conversation, “The creation of a research relationship (which is a relationship between teachers), will be led by Carmen Ortiz, director and teacher of Primary Education and Diego Martín, researcher and teacher trainer and will take place on Tuesday, 24th November at 6pm.


You can follow the conversations in streaming via this link.


For further information, please consult the website.