Webinar: Meeting of Ibero-American Institutes for Educational Research – 12th and 13th of May

The webinar: Meeting of Ibero-American Institutes for Research in Education will take place on 12 and 13 May. The seminar will be attended by representatives of the various institutes, including those that are part of the RIIE.

The programme of the webinar can be found here. A highlight is the conference: Networking for research in the framework of complexity, which will be given by Dr María Soledad Ramírez (TEC de Monterrey).

It should be noted that on 4 November 2021, the first meeting of heads of Ibero-American educational research institutes took place at the University of Salamanca, during the 2nd International Congress on Research in Education (IRED’21).

The main objective is to bring new Ibero-American institutes closer together, as well as to contribute to the improvement of research in education by providing a platform for the improvement of the research carried out by the different groups (exchange and improvement of procedures for research training, use of shared resources, systematisation of dissemination elements, etc.).


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