XI CIDUI 2020 INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM (Online) – Higher Education in the Knowledge Society: Challenges of Hybrid Models – July 1 and 2, 2020

The celebration of the International Congress on University Teaching and Innovation 2020 had to be postponed given the current exceptional circumstances, prioritizing the principle of maximum prudence. The organization has already informed that the XI CIDUI will take place in July 2021, under the title “Beyond competencies: new challenges in the digital society”.


In addition, the XI CIDUI 2020 INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM has been organized and is open to the entire university community with free registration. It will take place on July 1 and 2 and will be held online.


Information provided on the congress website:



The CIDUI, with its 20 years of history as a space and agora for teaching innovation, widely recognized by our university system, cannot be alien at this moment in time, which is unprecedented in higher education, and aims to give a voice to teachers around the world to share and amplify the strategies and conclusions drawn during these past months, analyzing the experience itself and internationally, thus initiating a transformative reflection in the medium to long term. Under this premise, the organization of CIDUI proposes to adapt itself to the current situation and gather all these elements by convening an extraordinary International Symposium precisely in virtual format to take advantage of the experience that this emergency situation has generated.



Following the principles of the knowledge society that call for the generation of new knowledge that allows constant innovation to respond to new realities and challenges, we propose the realization of an International Symposium under the title “Higher Education in the Knowledge Society: Challenges of Hybrid Models”, where the potential of hybrid education can be discussed and analyzed through the experience accumulated internationally as a result of this global health crisis, to contribute to solving the present and future challenges facing higher education institutions in the framework of the knowledge society.

This Symposium aims to talk and debate not only with teaching teams, but also with government teams, administration and management teams and the students themselves, given that new realities have not only been generated in the teaching dimension, but also in coordination and management within the teams themselves and between units, and thus to draw conclusions that will allow us to innovate in these training combinations of a mixed and significant nature that will contribute to improving higher education in our university system.



Registration is free and open to everyone, just register and log-in on July 1 and 2, 2020.