XIV International Conference on Teaching Innovation: Advances and challenges for educational transformation

The University of Oviedo, through the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation (INIE) is organising the “XIV International Conference on Educational Innovation: Advances and Challenges for Educational Transformation” to be held on 24 and 25 January 2022.

The deadline for sending contributions, by means of a 250-word abstract, is open until 10 December.  Registration for the conference is free of charge, and participation can take place in person and/or online.

Educational transformation is a task that involves many factors: the teacher-student pairing, the evolution of teaching methodologies, the use of technological tools, etc. Through an efficient and effective combination of all these factors, we must provide a comprehensive academic education that responds to the expectations and needs of students, enabling them to become responsible citizens and relevant professionals.

The conference serves as a meeting place for reflection, exchange of ideas and experiences, which favours synergies between interdisciplinary groups, and which leads to improve the quality of the teaching-learning process.

More information about the conference:

– Instagram: @inie.innovacion

– Twitter: @inie_innovacion

– Web: https://jornadasinnova.uniovi.es/