• Dates
    • Extension of communications delivery:
      Until September 6, 2019.
    • Evaluation of communications:
      Until October 1, 2019.
    • Presentation of accepted communications in the conference: November 4-5, 2019.



  • Rules for the acceptance and presentation of academic work
    • You can send whatever scientific study that is included within the thematic lines of the conference: see thematic lines. However, both the acceptance of the study and the final decision on a specific line lies with the Scientific Committee.
    • Two types of submissions will be accepted: (i) Research work/reports and (ii) Experience or intervention proposals.
    • The submissions to the Conference will be studies of an unpublished scientific or professional nature and original ones not presented to any journal, congress or similar.
    • Templates will be provided that will be used to send the proposal (title, summary, keywords, development).
    • At least one of the authors of the communications must be registered in the conference once their proposal is accepted (in the case that the work submitted is not accepted, the author can request the refund of the registration fee).
    • Each registered author may submit a maximum of two papers.
    • For each communication, as many certificates of the submission of papers as authors registered will be given.
    • A submission certificate will not be given to those papers that are not presented during the holding of the session, on the date and time given.
    • Once the conference ends, and within a maximum of 60 days, the Minutes Book with ISBN will be accessible via the conference website.



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