Papers and Lectures

A Shared Legacy: April 2007, Barcelona, Spain  -  Commission Member Papers

A Shared Legacy: Islamic Science East and West

A SHARED LEGACY: ISLAMIC SCIENCE EAST AND WEST: 11-14 April 2007: Barcelona, Spain

M. Abattouy (Université Mohammed V-Rabat, Agdal): La transformation arabe de la mécanique: la naissance de la science des poids (`ilm al-athqal)

J. Bellver (Universitat. de Barcelona): On Jabir b. Aflah’s Criticisms on Ptolemy’s Almagest

S. Brentjes (Aga Khan Foundation, London): Shams al-Din al-Sakhawi on Muwaqqits, Mu’adhdhins, and the Teachers of Various Astronomical Disciplines in Mamluk Towns in the 15th Century

Rainer Brömer (Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz): Ibn al-Nafis: Icon, innovator, inspiration for the Scientific Revolution in Human Anatomy?

S. Al-Hassani (Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation, Manchester): A 1000 Years of Industry Missing from History

E. Calvo (Universitat. de Barcelona): Miqat in Ibn Baso’s Al-Risala fi-l-safiha al-muyayyaba dhat al-awtar

C. Canavas (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences): Hydraulic Imagery in Medieval Arabic Texts

C. Charani (Beirut): Développement de la technologie dans le monde arabe (9ième -16ième siècle)

B. van Dalen (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt): Islamic Astronomy in China: Latest Developments

G. De Young (The American University, Cairo) : Recovering Truncated Texts : Examples from Arabic Transmission of Euclid’s Elements

M. Forcada (Universitat. de Barcelona): How the West Rediscovers the East: the Case of the “Andalusi Revolt against Ptolemy”

H. Gropp (University of Heidelberg) : Bin Wahshiyya’s 93 Alphabets and Mathematics

M. Herrera (Universitat. de Barcelona): The Portolan Chart of Ahmad al-Tanji

M. Javadi (University of Qom): The Medicine of the Soul in Muslim World

A. N. Kaadan (Aleppo University): The Achievements of Abulcasis in Neurosurgery

P. Kunitzsch (Univ. of Munich): Science between East and West: a Domain of Translation

Y. T. Langermann (Bar Ilan Univ., Jerusalem): Ali Ibn Ridwan in Hebrew

P. Lettinck (University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur): Science in Adab Literature

I. Lyuter (Insitute for the History of Science and Technology, Moscow): Shared Tendencies in Geometrical Investigations of the 13th-14th cc. Maragha and Valladolid Scholars

J. Ragep and S. Ragep (McGill Univ. and Max Planck Institute, Berlin): Islamic Scientific manuscripts Initiative (ISMI) Project

K. Ramasubramanian (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay): Optics in Kamalakara’s Siddhanta-tattva-viveka

L. Richter Bernburg (Univ. of Heidelberg): Nature and Nuture in the Exotic North: Ibrahim ibn Ya`qub from Tortosa as ethnogeographe

M. Rius (Universitat de Barcelona): Al-Tajuri: the Science between East and West

A. Russo (University of Macerata): The conception and the Embryo Stages in the Alawite Doctrinal Literature

G. Saliba (Columbia University, New York): Mediterranean Crossings: Exchange of Scientific Ideas Across the Pond

P. Schmidl (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt): Missing Pages—Caussin de Perceval’s Edition of the Initial Chapters to Ibn Yunus’ Hakimi Zij and his Omission of the Religious Sections

A-K Taha and P. Pinel (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse): La version de Jamil ad-Din des Sphériques de Ménélaos et ses sources

M. Zakeri (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt): The Reception of Aristotelian Meterology in Persian-speaking World. The Meteorology of Asfizari

Papers presented by Commission Members

24-28 Sept. 2008:
"Islamic astronomical instruments and its legacy in 15th century Europe." 24th Congress of the Union
Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants (UEAI), University of Leipzig, Germany

6 Jan. 2006:
Public Lecture: “The Sciences in Islamic Societies – Step Sisters of Religious and Philological Disciplines?”, ITREB, Karachi, Pakistan
25 April 2006: “Euclid’s Elements in Islamic Societies (8th-19th centuries) [Institutions, Cultural Values, Social Practices],” The Open University, Mathematics Department, Milton Keynes, UK
26-27 April 2006: “Giacomo Gastaldi's Maps of Anatolia -- The Evolution of a Shared Venetian-Ottoman Cultural Space?”, The Renaissance and the Ottoman World, Warburg Institute and School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK
10-14 May 2006: “Patchwork -- The Norm of Mapmaking Practices for Western Asia in Catholic and Protestant Europe as well as in Istanbul between 1550 and 1750?”, Uluslararası Bilim ve Teknoloji Tarihi Sempozyumu, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
3-5 Aug. 2006: “The Persian Transmission of Euclid’s Elements,” Sixth Biennial Conference of Iranian Studies, London, UK
10 Nov. 2006: “Mosque and Science: Who decides where the Ka’ba is?”, Cambridge University, Department for History and Philosophy of Science, Paper 1, Early Science
10-15 Dec. 2006: “Safavid Art, Science, and Courtly Education in the Seventeenth Century,” Maktabat-e Esfahan, International Congress on Safavid Art History, The Iranian Academy of Arts, Tehran and Isfahan, Iran
30 June- 2 July 2007: “The Mathematical Sciences in Safavid Iran: Questions and Perspectives,” Intellectual Relations and the Renewal of Religious Thought in Iran and Muslim India During the Modern Period. Tehran, Institut Français des Recherches en Iran, Iranian Institute for Philosophy
2-5 July 2007: “Ayyubid Patronage of the Ancient Sciences,” Hofkulturen in der Islamischen Welt, Schloss Friedenstein, Gotha, Germany

16 May 2006: “Ottoman Scholars Congregating in Cairo (And the Many Who Didn’t): Framework for the Cultural History of Science in Modern Islamic Empires,” Dibner Lunchtime Seminar, Dibner Institute, MIT, Cambridge, USA
26 Dec. 2006: “Common Scientific Civilisation – Cultural History of Modern Islamic Science,” First International Conference on “The Cultural Middle Ground,” Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt
30 March 2007: “La médecine et la culture – cultures médicales, médecine interculturelle,“ Symposium Univ. Lyon 3,  France
10 June 2007: “Cardiovascular Problems in Ottoman and Arab Reactions to Ibn al-Nafis,” Symposium Alte Medizin, Mainz, Germany
7 July 2007: “Medicine Studies Analysing the Ottoman Empire: Relevance of the Cultural History for the Study of Pre-Contemporary Issues, and Vice Versa,” Conference Varieties of Cultural History, Aberdeen, Scotland
25 Sept. 2007: “Circulation or Isolation? Ibn al-Nafis' Pulmonary 'Circulation' in Ottoman and Contemporary Debates,” German Middle East Studies Congress, Freiburg i. Br., Germany
11 Oct. 2007: “Competing Ways of Knowing: Translations between European and Middle Eastern Civilisations Facing Western Colonialism (1798-1919),” Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science, Montreal, Canada
30 Nov. 2007: “The Human Body in the History of Islamic Medicine: Historical Science Studies, “Medicine Studies,” Conference Historical Cultural Studies - Concepts and Methods, Mainz, Germany
1 Dec. 2007: “Science, Exemplified by Medicine, Symposium ‘Islam as an Alternative?’”, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Foundation, Düsseldorf, Germany
15 Dec. 2007: “Intercultural Dimensions of Health Care and Prevention (peer commentary),” Symposium Medicine and Values in Moslem and European Countries. Pathways to Transcultural Medical Ethics, Cairo, Egypt

24-29 April 2006: “Intercambio de conocimientos entre oriente y occidente en el siglo XIII,” Ibn al-Baytar y el desarrollo de las ciencias en el siglo XIII, The Second International Symposium on the Andalusian Scientist Ibn al-Baytar, Benalmadena, Spain
16-19 Nov. 2006: “La carta nàutica d'Ibrahim al-Mursi,” IX Trobada d’Història de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de la Societat Catalana d’Història de la Ciència i de la Técnica, Girona, Spain
1-2 Sept. 2007: “Cartografía árabe en el contexto mediterráneo,” Las ciencias medievales y la interculturalidad en el mediterráneo occidental, Ayuntamiento de Murcia, Murcia, Spain
27-28 Nov. 2007: “Intercambio de conocimientos astronómicos entre las cortes de Castilla, Maraga y Pequín, en el siglo XIII,” Transmisión del conocimiento científico entre Asia y el Mediterráneo, Casa Asia, Barcelona, Spain


24-29 April 2006: “Las notaciones alfanuméricas en manuscritos e instrumentos científicos del siglo XIII,” Ibn al-Baytar y el desarrollo de las ciencias en el siglo XIII, The Second International Symposium on the Andalusian Scientist Ibn al-Baytar, Benalmadena, Spain
1-6 Oct. 2007: "Les Etapes Inicials del Procés de Transmissió de les Ciències Exactes a l'Europa Medieval," I Jornades de Recerca, Facultat de Filologia, University of Barcelona, Spain

Oct. 2007: "Astronomy as a 'Neutral Zone': Interreligious Cooperation in Medieval Spain," Al-Andalus: Cultural Diffusion and Hybridity in Iberia (1000-1600), an interdisciplinary conference in Madison, WI, USA

12-14 June 2006: “Some Medieval Medical Achievements Attributed to Western Physicians”, First International Conference Traditional Medicine and Materia  Medica in Medieval Manuscripts, Baku, Azerbaijan
26-28 Nov. 2006: “The Development of Health Services and hospitals in Saudi Arabia during the Era of King Saud,” The Scientific Symposium on The History of King Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
13-15 March: 2007:  “The Surgical Diseases of the Eye Lids and its treatment in Arab Islamic Medicine,” World Symposium on the Eye in Islamic Medical Heritage, Kuwait
City, Kuwait
17-20 July 2007: “Women's Health in Islamic Traditional Medicine,”The 6th International Traditional / Complementary Medicine Conference and the 3rd International Congress on Traditional Medicine and Materia Medica (ICTMMM), Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
17-20 Oct. 2007: “Organ Transplantation and Medical Ethics: An Islamic Perspective,” First International Congress on Medical Ethics and Medical Law, Antalya, Turkey
10-12 Nov. 2007: “Medical Responsibility and Physicians Mistakes in Arabic Islamic Medicine,“ The International Symposium on History of Medical Sciences in the Islamic
Civilization, Tripoli, Libya
21-24 Jan. 2008: “Joint Diseases in Islamic Medicine,” Eighth Pan Arab Rheumatology Society Conference, Doha, Qatar 
26-28 March 2008: “The Role of  Muslim Physicians in Medicine Development,” First International Medical Student Conference at Oman Medical College, Sohar, Oman
16-18 April 2008: “Some of Muslim Physician's Achievements in Medical Ethics,” The 2nd International Congress of Medical Ethics, Tehran, Iran

21 May 2008: “Some Medical Episodes from Moses Galeano’s Ta’alumot Hokhma [=Moses Galeano’nun Ta’alumot Hokhma’sından Bazı Tıbbi Bölümler],” 1st International Congress on the Turkish History of Medicine, Konya, Turkey

24-29 April 2006:  “Ibn al-Baytar’s Universal tendency: His Background, His Scientific Method, The Nature of His Manuscripts, and His Influence,” The Second International Symposium on the Andalusian Scientist Ibn al- Baytar, Benalmadena, Spain [joint with A. Lolah]
27-29 June 2006: “Historization of Arabic Science in Aleppo: Scientists and their Works,” International Symposium on Scientific Intellectual Thought in Aleppo through the Ages: The Islamic Period, The Institute for the History of Arabic Science, Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria
27-28 Sept. 2006: “The Science of Algebra for Arab Scientists,” Symposium on Mathematics and its History, Dept. of Mathematics and the Institute for the History of Arabic Science, Aleppo University, Syria
25-27 June 2007: “Abu  al-Qasim  al-Majriti and his Scientific Works,” The 28rd Annual Conference for the History of Arabic Science, Aleppo, Syria
24-27 March 2008:  “Cubic Doings in the Manuscript: Direction for Operations with Irrational Roots for those who do not have a Clear Understanding,” First International Conference on Arab and Muslim History of  Science, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
23-24 April 2008: “An Analytical Study of  Syrian--Iraqi Scientific relations focusing on the Bibliography of Scientists,” Scientific and Historical Relationships between Iraq and  Syria, Institute for the History of Arabic Science, University of Aleppo and the Mosul Studies Center at Mosul University, Aleppo, Syria

18-20 May 2006: "Medieval Algebra as an Artificial Language," at The Generosity of Artificial Languages in an Asian Perspective, a workshop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  For a report on the meeting

21 May 2008: “The Role of Seljukian Sultans in the Translation of Dioscorides’ Materia Medica into Persian and Arabic [=Dioscorides’in Materia Medica’sının Arapça ve Farsçaya Çevrilmesinde Selçuklu Sultanlarının Rolleri],” 1st International Congress on the Turkish History of Medicine, Konya, Turkey