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A prosperous harbor since the Middle Ages
Barcelona has a vibrant lifestyle
Capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a world city
Barcelona is the southern gate of Europe, one of its top five favorite cities for businesses

On behalf of the Iberoamerican Association for Research on Individual Differences (formerly SEIDI), the organization and the scientific committees, we welcome you to the website of the ISSID 2013 meeting. The conference is going to be held in Barcelona and is co-organized by the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences and the University of Barcelona, by means of the Dept. of Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatments.

In the following days we will announce important dates and we will configure the final program, as well as we will provide more travel information about the city of Barcelona.

We hope this venue will offer an ideal atmosphere where experts and students on individual differences can meet and boost the discipline.

Dr. David Gallardo-Pujol