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General Program

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The Conference abstracts will be published in a supplementary online issue of the journal Personality and Individual Differences, along with and AudioSlide on ScienceDirect (this service is sponsored by Elsevier). You can also find the abstracts in the links below:

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Roberto Colom

One small step for the brain, one giant leap for human intelligence

Almost twenty five years after the editorial written for the journal 'Intelligence' by Richard Haier (The end of intelligence research) I will highlight the most prominent findings at the intersection between the psychometric and neuroimaging research of intelligence. The main question to answer is: are we scientists doing our best for achieving a giant leap for humankind?

Dr. Robert F. Krueger

Personality, Psychopathology, Individual Differences, and DSM-5

The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th Edition; DSM-5) is slated to be published in May 2013.  This talk will focus on how DSM-5 is (and is not) connected with research in personality and individual differences, and how working to enhance the connection between Psychiatry and individual differences research can enrich both areas.


Organizing committee

David Gallardo-Pujol (Chair), University of Barcelona

Manuel I. Ibáñez (Co-chair), Universitat Jaume I

Jorge Moya (Secretary), Universitat de Lleida

Macià Buades-Rotger, University of Barcelona

Javier Corbalán, Universidad de Murcia

Sígrid Gallego-Moya, Universitat Jaume I

Óscar García, European University of Madrid

Montsant Jornet-Gibert, University of Barcelona

Alberto Maydeu-Olivares, University of Barcelona

Jesús Privado, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

María Ángeles Quiroga, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Laura Sicilia, University of Barcelona

Montserrat Subirana-Malaret, University of Barcelona

Carlos Suso, University of Barcelona

Scientific Committee

Antonio Andrés-Pueyo, University of Barcelona             

Elizabeth Austin, University of Edinburgh

Laura Blackie, Wake Forest University  

Roberto Colom, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Colin DeYoung, University of Minnesota            

Vincent Egan, University of Leicester

David Gallardo-Pujol, University of Barcelona  

Luís F. García, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Oscar García, European University of Madrid   

Manuel I. Ibáñez, Universitat Jaume I

Montsant Jornet-Gibert, University of Barcelona           

Alberto Maydeu-Olivares, University of Barcelona, ICREA

Laura Mezquita, Universitat Jaume I     

Fàbia Morales, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Jorge Moya, Universitat de Lleida          

Jesús Privado, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Generós Ortet, Universitat Jaume I      

María Ángeles Quiroga, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

John Rauthmann, von Humboldt University      

Don Saklofske, University of Western Ontario (Chair)

Frank Spinath, Saarland University        

Carlos Suso, University of Barcelona

Tony Vernon, University of Western Ontario   

Helena Villa Martín, Universitat Jaume I             

Sophie von Stumm, Goldsmiths College


We would like to thank the students from the University of Barcelona who will be helping you during the Conference.