The Medieval Archeology Laboratory (LAM) was born in the early 80s at the initiative of the members of the team of an archeometry project led by Dr. Manuel Río. Among the participants in this project were Dr. Imma Ollich and Drs. José Ignacio Padilla, Marius Vendrell and Prim Bertran. The idea arose as a result of the trip they made to Aix-en Provence and the visit made by the Laboratoire d’Archéologie Medievale Méditerranéenne (LAMM), led by Dr. Gabrielle Demian de Archimbaud and where Dr. Jacques Thiriot.

The LAM occupied a small space that had been the secretariat of the Department of Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics, on the sixth floor of the Faculty of Geography and History at its headquarters on the Pedralbes campus. Until 1991 it was coordinated by Dra. Imma Ollich and there were formed numerous generations of medievalist archaeologists who, lacking formal teaching, found in this space an environment where they could learn and carry out their first investigations. During this stage, the name of the Medieval Archeology Laboratory (LAM), proposed by Dr. Imma Ollich herself, was consolidated.

In 1985 the LAM organized the 1st Medieval Archeology Conference in Catalonia, where for the first time the name of Medieval Archeology Laboratory (LAM) appeared in the dossier with the documentation given to the participants. Beginning in 1991, the coordination passed into the hands of Dr. Marta Sancho y Planas and the LAM continued to develop the function of a space for training and research.

With the transfer to the new Raval faculty, the LAM managed to have more adequate and spacious spaces, which has allowed us to expand the activity and welcome an increasing number of students and researchers who carry out their tasks in she M. Currently the LAM hosts the “Research Group in Medieval and Post-Medieval Archeology” (2001SGR00012) coordinated by M . Dolores López Pérez with projects led by Imma Ollich and Karen Alvaro. It is also the headquarters of “Archeology and Territory”, a line of research coordinated by Marta Sancho included within the MAHPA Research Group (2014 SGR 794) directed by Blanca Garí. Within this line of research, various research projects coordinated by Marta Sancho and María Soler are carried out.

To adapt to the corporate image of the University of Barcelona, ​​the LAM has added the initials UB to its identifying initials, so its current name is LAMUB.