Electromagnetic and Seismic Exploration Group

Juanjo Ledo

Profesor Titular de Universidad


Research aims

My research is strongly linked to find quantitative relations among measured field quantities, material parameters and their lithological and geological counterparts associated to different Earth processes. My main field of research is Magnetotellurics.



Facultat de Geologia

Universitat de Barcelona

C/Martí i Franquès s/n

Barcelona 08028


Phone:(34) 93 4035911

Fax: (34) 93 4021340

jledo-at-ub.edu                           June/2011

Previous Research and Teaching positions

2002-2003 Ramón y Cajal Fellow. Universitat de Barcelona

1997-2002 Visiting Fellowship at Geological Survey of Canada (Ottawa)

1992-1997 Profesor Ayudante. Universitat de Barcelona

Other positions

Research Associated Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland

2008-2011 Programa de Intensificación de la Investigación (I3)