Conference Languages

The local TISLR 8 Organizing Committee will strive to make the event accessible to all those interested in attending.

Given that English is a well-established spoken language in this sort of international scientific event, it will be the only official spoken language. No natural signed language has acquired such a status, so in accordance with the spirit of the Amsterdam Manifesto (, the organization will try to secure interpretation for ASL, BSL and the local sign language (LSC, Catalan Sign Language), as well as the sign language used in Spain outside Catalonia (LSE, Spanish Sign Language). Other possible SL interpretation needs in the programme will also be addressed to the extent possible .

In order to make this policy feasible, no parallel sessions will be organized.

The registration fee is understood as a way to share responsibility for interpretation costs among all participants.

Nonetheless, a major effort is being made in order to get outside funding for the costs of interpretation. Moreover, we seek collaboration from groups or individuals coming from countries where funding might be obtained for this purpose. One such attempt has been already made with respect to ASL: Prof. Richard Meier (University of Texas, Austin) submitted a proposal to the US NSF to support 6 ASL intepreters, and it has been successful (questions concerning ASL interpreting can be directed to him We urge other prospective participants to contact the organizing committee about the possibility of obtaining funding for interpretation of their SL at the conference We need to make an inventory of the sources for interpreter funding that exist at the countries of origin and to take the required actions.

The interpretation of SLs other than LSC and LSE will be coordinated by Esther de los Santos

The coordination of LSC and LSE interpretation will be in charge of Eva Marķa Rondoni

Debbie Matthews will be coordinating the ASL interpretation ( For any questions concerning ASL interpretation specifically, please contact her directly.