A new international society for sign language and linguistics

There is a need for those using and studying sign languages to be in touch with one another and to have the possibility of exchanging information. An international conference serves that purpose as does a journal.

An international society has an additional task: it promotes contact on a more frequent basis.

For example:

The association which previously had these tasks (ISLA, founded in 1986) has been extinct for some time. The field definitely needs such an organization. The group of researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium is prepared to start up a new society.

Amongst other things the meeting at TISLR in September 2004 will cover the mission of the society, the organisation such as web-site, newsletter, link to the journals and the draft constitution.

Anne Baker Beppie van den Bogaerde
Onno Crasborn Els van der Kooij
Joni Oyserman Roland Pfau
Marijke Scheffener Trude Schermer
Myriam Vermeerbergen