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Lullian Bibliography8.529 records

Bibliographies from Studia Lulliana | Incunabula

A search can be done by elements of a title and/or of an author's name (including Llull, for editions of his works). Do not use wild cards; the search engine includes them automatically. Thus if you search for "pla" in the Author field, you will access all the records which contain this succession of letters, such as Pla, Planas, Plaja, Platzeck, Kaplan, etc. "Doctrina pueril" in the Title field will bring up all the editions and studies that have those words in their title. You can also make combined author-title searches.

The search method does not take into account accents nor case (making no distinction between words such as "logica" "LĎGICA" or "Lˇgica").

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