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Bibliografia lul·liana

Ripoll Perelló, Microcosmos [2017]

Maribel Ripoll Perelló

"El microcosmos femení en la literatura lul·liana"

Actes del Congrés d'Obertura de l'Any Llull. «En el setè centenari de Ramon Llull: el projecte missional i la pervivència de la devoció». Palma, 24-27 de novembre de 2015, ed. Lola Badia, Alexander Fidora i Maribel Ripoll Perelló, "Col·lecció Blaquerna" 12 (Barcelona / Palma: Universitat de Barcelona / Universitat de les Illes Balears, 2017), pp. 233-251.

One of the aspects which has often passed unnoticed is the original and innovative treatment Llull accords to the feminine characters in his literary production. Apart from the instrumental role of literature in his works, being as it is a means of transmitting the Art and hence of arriving at a knowledge of God, we will analyze how Llull creates a range of model female personages which serve to speak to a feminine audience in such a way that women not only become potential receptors of the Art, but also is totally integrated into the missionary projects of our author. The world-wide reform carried out by Blaquerna has a prelude in the beautiful young Natana, a woman who has mastered the mysteries of the Art, knows how to explain them to her monastic community and knows how to apply its principles to daily life, always within the practical perspective of the theory of double intentionality.

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