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Bibliografia lul·liana

Aragüés Aldaz, Perfiles cuentística [2018]

José Aragüés Aldaz

"Perfiles de la cuentística luliana: la virtualidad narrativa"

Actes del Congrés de Clausura de l’Any Llull. «Ramon Llull, pensador i escriptor». Barcelona, 17-18 de novembre de 2016, ed. Lola Badia, Joan Santanach i Suñol i Albert Soler i Llopart, "Col·lecció Blaquerna" 13 (Barcelona / Palma: Universitat de Barcelona / Universitat de les Illes Balears, 2018), pp. 75-103.

Ramon Llull’s stories have a tense relationship with the exemplary literature of their times. Based on the otherness of Lullian literature and the range of terms used to describe his various short forms, several distinguishing features can be determined in the vast creative output of a writer who produced thousands of exempla. Most of these narratives are occasional stories created ad hoc by the characters in Blaquerna and in Felix, who improvise their own fictions. Many of them elicit a strong sense of unreality in the reader—a sense which in the Arbre exemplifical relies on the surprise effect of anthropomorphizing metals, objects, plants, geometric figures and verb tenses. Some exempla are transparent in their analogical dimension, to the extent of seeming almost unnecessary; whereas others use carefully crafted narrative artifices. Thus Llull’s work is filled with echoes and narrative mirrors, visiting the spaces of a mise en abyme and infinite circularity. Certain stories appear several times in the author’s works, offering different endings. Others change shape when the protagonists in the novel reinterpret them. Ultimately, Llull presents us with a narrative virtuality of sorts, a feature that could hardly be missing from a series of stories that were primarily conceived as meta-examples—in other words, as simulacra or possible stories, as patterns and archetypes that provoke readers to elaborate other sequences of their own.

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