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Bibliografia lul·liana

Ruiz Simon, Contemplativa [2018]

Josep M. Ruiz Simon

"L’Art de Llull com a ciència contemplativa i com a filosofia política"

Actes del Congrés de Clausura de l’Any Llull. «Ramon Llull, pensador i escriptor». Barcelona, 17-18 de novembre de 2016, ed. Lola Badia, Joan Santanach i Suñol i Albert Soler i Llopart, "Col·lecció Blaquerna" 13 (Barcelona / Palma: Universitat de Barcelona / Universitat de les Illes Balears, 2018), pp. 143-176.

The age-old debate as to which field of knowledge, given its characteristics, deserved to be considered the queen of all sciences remained very much alive in the thirteenth century, when Ramon Llull presented his Art as a pretender to the throne. The present article begins by examining the role that this debate played in the Aristotelian division of philosophy into theory and practice and analyzing the doctrines of the falāsifa regarding the articulation between theoretical and practical philosophy and its reception among Latin thinkers. Next, it presents an approach to Llull’s Art which takes into account both that division and those doctrines. The article identifies the focus of the question of the truth or falseness of religious laws from the point of view of practical philosophy as a key element in the initial conception of the Art as a method for conversion. It analyzes the relationship between this approach and the conception of political philosophy as viewed by the falāsifa, whom Llull saw as the strategic target of his proposal. It also offers an interpretation of the Lullian Art as a science which, despite having theory or contemplation as its ultimate goal, is entirely in agreement with the subject matter of that part of philosophy concerned with the opinions and actions that religious law ought to prescribe in order to provide proper guidelines for communal life.

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