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Bibliografia lul·liana

Fiorentino, Method [2018]

Francesco Fiorentino

"Ramon Llull's Demonstrative Method"

Actes del Congrés de Clausura de l’Any Llull. «Ramon Llull, pensador i escriptor». Barcelona, 17-18 de novembre de 2016, ed. Lola Badia, Joan Santanach i Suñol i Albert Soler i Llopart, "Col·lecció Blaquerna" 13 (Barcelona / Palma: Universitat de Barcelona / Universitat de les Illes Balears, 2018), pp. 401-417.

This paper aims to examine a specific topic in a portion of the Lullian corpus, i.e. Llull’s later works dating from the Paris, Messina, and Tunis period, starting in May 1310. In Llull’s opinion, as in Duns Scotus, the concepts of the supreme substances and God cannot be acquired from below—through the intellectual abstraction of data of the senses and imagination—but rather drawn from above, that is, from theological principles. These principles ultimately correspond to the dignities, which are all placed on the same ontological level according to a circular dynamic approach, due to their common inherence to God as their subject, and to the mutual conversion and equalization of these attributes, which can serve interchangeably as subject or predicate of the principle. This logical structure originates a demonstrative method which proves to be very effective in theology to provide evidence about the existence and activity of God, as the subject of these attributes, with a need so strong as to exceed the most rigorous form of deductive demonstration in Aristotelian terms. In fact, while the latter draws its formal validity from logical rules, the demonstratio per aequiparantiam is based on a particular ontological property of the necessary and primary terms per se, which was merely referred to as medium mensurationis. This demonstration proved to be more effective than the Aristotelian deductive demonstration.

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