Non-Truth Conditional Aspects of Meaning

Fifth Barcelona Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Reference

Barcelona, 5-8 June 2007

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02. Abstracts and papers

03. Call for papers

04. Registration

05. Bw archive

Invited speakers
Christopher Potts (U. of Massachusetts)
The Compositional Independence of Expressives
Mark Richard (Tufts University)
Attitudes and Epithets
Scott Soames (U. of Southern California) Drawing the Line between Meaning and Implicature ...
Timothy Williamson (Oxford University)
'Reference, Inference and the Semantics of Pejoratives'

Accepted Contributions
Jonathan Berg
(U. of Haifa) What is said to be said

Ingo Brigandt (U. of Alberta) Epistemic goal as aspect of meaning

Steven Davis (Carleton U.) Satisfaction Conditions for Requests

Reto Givel (Zurich U.) The Semantics of ‘Boche’

Owen Greenhall (U. of Oslo) Pronouns and Conventional Implicature

Miquel Hoeltje & Benjamin Schnieder (Hamburg) Stress and Truth-conditional Semantics

Christopher Hom (Washington University) The Semantics of Racial Epithets

Dale Jacquette (Penn State U.) Formal Criteria of Non-Truth-Functionality

Teresa Marques (U. of Lisbon) Embedding Emotions

Bence Nanay (Syracuse/U. British Columbia) Compositionality without Conceptuality

Stefano Predelli (U. of Nottingham) ‘Frankly’: Meaning, character and warrant shifts

Isidora Stojanovic (Jean Nicod - CNRS) ‘Perhaps’ and ‘Surely’

Arthur Sullivan (Memorial U. Newfoundland) The Kripke Test for Multiple Propositions

Richard Vallee (U. de Moncton) Conventional Implicature Revisited


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