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ARAMIS (A Regional Air-Quality Modelling Integrated System) is an air quality modelling system developed by the Mesoscale and Microscale Atmospheric Modelling and Research group (MAiR) and it is based on coupling the Eulerian models: WRF (meteorology model), HIREM (emission model) and CMAQ (photochemical model).

Figure 1. scheme
Figure 1. scheme

Daily simulations are made in the computational system belonging to the Astronomy and Meteorology Department of the University of Barcelona. The different models coupled in ARAMIS system are executed for four domains focused in Catalunya area with different vertical and horizontal resolution. The third domain covers the area of Catalunya (3x3 km) and the fourth domain (1x1 km) is configured for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. The domains are plotted in the figure and its features are resumed in the table.

Domain Horizontal grid Dimension* (XxYxZ) Forecasts Starting Nesting
D1 27 km 68x44x31 24/48h 00h
D2 9 km 69x69x31 24/48h 00h 1-way
D3 3 km 93x93x31 24/48h 00h 1-way
D4 1 km 93x114x31 24/48h 00h 1-way
* Corresponding to WRF model
Domain features of the ARAMIS system domains
Figure 2. Four domains of the ARAMIS system